I’ve spent most of my career as a working journalist. But before I became the Edmonton Journal’s business columnist in 2002, I was a Vancouver-based communications consultant, delivering virtually all of the products and services listed below to more than a dozen publicly traded companies. Let me show you how I can help your company achieve its goals.

Perception studies

What do key investors, analysts, and others really think about your company? What’s driving your share price and what’s hurting it? If you don’t know, it’s costing you. A perception study helps lift the fog.

CEO video podcasts / Q&A interviews

The CEO’s letter to shareholders is a staple of corporate reports. But it’s often stodgy, and most get stale dated quickly. Website video podcasts or Q&A interviews offer a faster, more direct way to connect with investors, employees and analysts. 

Communications strategy & planning

Perception studies illuminate key corporate issues, and help to guide any sound communications strategy. But that’s just step one. To tell your story, you need a communications plan, spelling out tactics, targets and timelines. We can do that for you.

Conference call scripts

Most senior execs are too busy to devote long hours to writing conference call scripts. Let us take care of that. Tell us what issues you’re grappling with, how you’re addressing them, and we’ll pound the keys for you.

Investor presentations

Investors and analysts are usually swamped. They want the ‘skinny’ on your company, its metrics and its growth roadmap, and they want it fast. A clear, concise and compelling corporate presentation does that. Without it, you’re not in the game.

Annual / Quarterly reports

Do your corporate reports tell investors, analysts, employees and others exactly who you are, what makes you special, what sets you apart from competitors and how you plan to grow? Do they spell out a clear, credible, compelling vision? If not, let’s talk.

Media training

Do media interviews, investor roadshows or even town hall meetings with staff give you the cold sweats? Do you find yourself stumbling and stammering in front of a microphone? Media training can help ease your jitters. Let us explain how.

Issues management

Even top performing companies hit a few potholes along the way. A plant fire, a pipeline spill, turmoil in the executive suite or a workplace death can suddenly thrust your firm into the spotlight. If so, you’ll have to deal with it, quickly and effectively.

Employee communications

You might think employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders understand and support your corporate vision. But the view from the C-suite can be insular and at odds with line staff, partners and others. You need to reach out to them too. We can help.