Recent Business Columns

As the Edmonton Journal’s business columnist for the past 15 years, I’ve profiled hundreds of local firms and explored the key economic and policy issues facing Alberta businesses. Here’s a sample of three recent columns.

It's a wrap, folks: thanks for a great run

“If not for the encouragement of my Grade 12 English teacher I would never have considered a career in journalism. And I’m not sure I would have stuck with it if not for early mentors like National Post columnist Terence Corcoran. But I got lucky. I met many wonderful colleagues along the way.”

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Industrial real estate developer Imperial Equities rides out latest oil price storm

“Surprisingly, that side of Imperial’s business has weathered Alberta’s recent economic storm remarkably well. In fact, Chadi has been busy buying and selling properties and growing Imperial’s asset base, partly by reallocating proceeds from the sale of the drug unit.”

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Alberta's economy stinks, but sun still shines on PCL

“PCL’s corporate success is no fluke. It reflects the employee-owned company’s almost fanatical devotion to stability, planned growth, succession planning, diversification and healthy margins. That’s why PCL is the top dog in Canada’s construction sector by a large margin, with annual revenues that are more than twice as large as EllisDon, its nearest competitor.”

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Corporate Communications

I’ve worked on the other side too. As a corporate communications consultant in Vancouver, I helped more than a dozen companies, large and small, tell their stories to investors and other key stakeholders.

Annual Reports

From Future Shop to QLT to Premium Brands, I’ve helped client firms use their annual reports to tell their stories and communicate more effectively to all key target audiences.

Perception Studies

Want to know what Bay Street really thinks about your company, its growth strategy and its senior management team? Analysts and investors won’t always tell you. But a perception study lays it all out: the good, bad or ugly. I know. I’ve done them for companies large and small.

Case Studies

Okay, so you want concrete examples. I get it. You think all this talk about communications is a bit on the fluffy side. You know, just spin. Well, it’s not. It’s about money. Or more specifically, building the market value of your company. Here are some examples of how I helped clients do that.

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National Media

I see the big picture, so I know where your story fits into the broader corporate landscape. That comes from more than two decades as a reporter in Toronto and Vancouver with The Wall Street Journal, The Globe & Mail, the Vancouver Sun and Financial Times of Canada. My stories have also appeared in several national magazines.

The Wall Street Journal / The Globe & Mail

My focus: conglomerates, auto manufacturing, steel, mining, energy, forestry, finance

The Vancouver Sun / Financial Times of Canada

My focus: Stock markets, mining, forestry, auto industry, technology, biotech, retail

Canadian Business / Report on Business magazine

My focus: Profiles of creative techies and entrepreneurs