About Gary Lamphier

I tell business stories. All kinds of business stories. And I do it in a crisp, clear, credible and compelling way.

How? By turning arcane technical lingo and vacuous jargon into simple, clean storylines. Storylines that tell investors, customers, partners and others who you are and where you’re going.

I’ve been telling these stories for nearly four decades. Mainly in my former role as a business reporter and columnist at leading local and national newspapers across Canada.

I’ve also been a communications consultant, advising more than a dozen diverse organizations from biotech, tech, and clean energy to retailers, restaurant chains, forestry and mining companies.

I’ve profiled Canada’s wealthiest tycoons and top CEOs, and interviewed hundreds of analysts, politicians, economists, money managers and entrepreneurs, from Wall Street to Bay Street to Main Street.

I know what makes businesses succeed. Or not.

Need help telling your company’s story? Great. Let’s talk.